Leather Braided Blue Pons Sandals

Leather Braided Blue Pons Sandals

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Braided BLUE!  - The newest addition, a weaved leather in a dusty, soft blue colour from Menorca Sandals.

A beautiful colour - not available anywhere else in the world. 

The woven leather avarca sandal from Menorca has a classic summer vibe, and you might say, inspired by a traditional huarache style. Perfect on mid-season or summery day, our sandals will be on-trend paired with denim, linen and any natural fibres.

Handmade in Menorca (Spain), manufactured with all 100% leather, slip-on for convenience, and a lightweight flexible and supportive rubber sole.

Forget about what size you usually wear - our sandals are big in sizing!

Go by your Australian size, and add 30.
For example, if you are usually an Australian size 8, go for a 38; and so on.

Follow our sizing chart below: 

AU size Our size
6 to 6.5 36
7 to 7.5 37
8 to 8.5 38 
9 to 9.5 39
10 to 10.5 40 
11 to 11.5 41
12 to 12.5 42

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